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Welcome to Goloka - What is Goloka?


Goloka - the Realm of the Absolute, home to Krishna and the Gopis. Hover your mouse over the image to see magnified detail. Use the center wheel of your mouse to change magnification.
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Goloka is the Supreme Absolute Realm of Krishna. Krishna is the Supreme Absolute Divine Being, or Bhagavan. Everything has its source in Krishna, and springs from the Absolute. In Its most basic aspect, the Absolute is both the fullness of everything possible and the unmanifest, Pure Consciousness. The fullness aspect of the Absolute is Krishna and the unmanifest Pure Consciousness is S'iva.There is actually no difference between Krishna and S'iva, just as a coin has two faces. From one perspective we enjoy the unbounded fullness of Krishna and from another perspective we experience the unbounded awareness of Pure Consciousness.

"Go" from the Sanskrit language has a number of meanings, including "cow", "star" or "rays of light", and "loka" is "world" or "realm". Some say Goloka means "the world of cows." The cow is a giver of milk and nourishment so that makes some sense in that the Absolute is the source of all that is relative. Another meaning would be "the realm of rays of light."  Light in its fullness is devoid of darkness or ignorance. Rays of light indicates the light is issuing forth to illuminate or make visible. Indeed this is exactly what Goloka is. Goloka is the source of all relative universes and the Realm of Absolute Knowledge. Our universe and all universes are basically knowledge constructs or 3-D holographic projections, so as the Realm of Absolute Knowledge, Goloka is the source of all relative existence. What is Absolute? That which never changes and therefore is always constant. Relative is that which is changing, never constant.

In Goloka we find also the Gopis and Gopas, who are Krishna's Eternal Family. From the descriptions of Goloka in the Vedic Literature and from actual experiences, artists attempt to portray the beauty and ambiance of Goloka. These pictures give us a glimpse of what we can expect to see when we are able to visit Goloka.

Every Being in Goloka has an Absolute Body - that means a Body that is eternal and unchanging. The Absolute Body is the model for human life. It is a body that expresses the full potential of human existence, based on the fundamental DNA that has 12-strands instead of the 2-strands found in the Kali Yuga bodies of today. Scientists have identified the other 10 strands but, not finding them active and in use, have labeled them "junk DNA."

The human bodies of Kali Yuga are constantly changing, growing from infant to adult then deteriorating in old age until death.

Changing human body in Kali Yuga

Even the subtle bodies of Humans are changing:

  • the pranamaya kosha persists for some years after the physical body dies, but eventually fades away.
  • the manomaya kosha and vijañamaya kosha persist longer, at least until the next physical incarnation, but if the individual jiva has attained Brahman Consciousness, it will persist until the end of the lifetime of Lord Brahma
  • the anandamaya kosha continues until the end of the lifetime of Lord Brahma, then it fades away

If the jiva is granted residence in Goloka by the gift of Krishna, then an Absolute Body is given and the individual remains forever in the loving service to Krishna as a Gopi or Gopa, as a part of the Ideal Society and the Perfect Community, from where all relative universes with their societies and communities are projected.

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