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S'akti is intelligent energy. When something is S'akti activated, it will be alive in a real sense because some intelligent energy is attached to it. Consider the difference between a living person and a dead body - that is the difference between an object that is S'akti activated and one that is not.

Any object can be S'akti activated. Physical objects such as water, books, charts, jewelry, or even your entire body - both physical and subtle - can be S'akti activated. Non-physical objects such as mantras and aphorisms can also be S'akti activated.

S'akti can be given only by those who have it, and while relatively few among the population of the world have S'akti, all are invited to acquire S'akti through their own Âtman. Those who have s'akti acquired it in one of two ways: 1) they earned it by performing specifics actions that cause S'akti to be attracted to them from their Âtman, and 2) they received access to S'akti through their association with Lord Brahma in Brahman Consciousness.

Those who have earned their S'akti guard it carefully and rarely give it to anyone. It takes years to earn and accumulate S'akti and they use it to advance their own evolutionary process. Everyone starts out by earning S'akti.

Those who have been granted access to S'akti through their Brahman Consciousness give it freely to those who are engaged in practices to earn and accumulate S'akti.

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